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Calhoun Street Bridge Approach Project

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The Calhoun Street Bridge is a critical bicycle and pedestrian link between Trenton and Morrisville and part of the East Coast Greenway system. Calhoun Street is County Route 653 and the bridge is the responsibility of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC). Currently, bicycle and pedestrian connections to the bridge are limited. In the near-term, crosswalks must be striped and signed on the Route 29 ramps. Sidewalks are not wide enough for cycling, and with two travel lanes, there is insufficient width to add bike lanes. A more comprehensive study should be completed to determine appropriate solutions.

calhoun from state street

calhoun from state street
The Route 29 Boulevard Feasibility Analysis recommends retaining the existing bridge over Route 29, and replaces the cloverleaf interchange with more context-sensitive connections to Calhoun and State Streets. A properly designed approach roadway could dramatically improve the connections to the bridge. Alternatively, constructing a new bridge over Route 29, on the Calhoun Street alignment, could offer a better long-term solution. A direct approach on the traditional Calhoun Street alignment would help the City achieve its goal of being “easy to understand and navigate,” while offering redevelopment opportunities in the land formerly occupied by the interchange.

calhoun 29feasibility

calhoun 29feasibility
The City of Trenton, in cooperation with Mercer County, should pursue a grant to study bicycle and pedestrian improvements using DVRPC’s Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI). Alternatively, the study could be conducted through local technical support provided by NJDOT – Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs (OBPP). The study should focus on improving the East Coast Greenway from Battle Monument through the Calhoun Street Bridge (See D&R Canal Connection Project, and East Coast Greenway Project).

calhoun plan

calhoun plan
Details of Calhoun Street Bridge Approach Project



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Department Of Public Works

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Mercer County



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