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Market Street Corridor Project

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The City of Trenton should undertake a project to make Market Street a central north-south travel corridor for all modes from the Delaware River through the Transit Center to State Street. Market Street should be further extended along a new alignment to Olden Avenue. Extending the Market Street corridor northward to Olden Avenue will enhance its prominence, connect the proposed Assunpink Greenway Park to the Waterfront, and create strong north-south connection in Trenton.

market street corridor 05

market street corridor 05


To better facilitate movement between Market Street and Route 1 & Route 129, a pair of roundabouts should be constructed to repair the disconnected network and reestablish missing highway movements. A roundabout at Stockton Avenue and Market Street could be designed to accommodate the Route 1 southbound off-ramp, and the Route 1 southbound on-ramp, and Route 129 southbound ramp. The roundabout at Market Street and Greenwood Avenue could serve the Route 1 northbound off-ramp and Route 1 northbound on-ramp (as the intersection does today), and possibly serve Route 129 northbound traffic if the freight rail line is removed.

roundabout pair

roundabout pair

roundabout 1953

roundabout 1953
Source: USGS
A roundabout existed at this spot in the 1950s. Introducing a roundabout would help mask the change in Market Street’s alignment and further strengthen the identity of the corridor. Currently the through movement at this intersection is between Market Street and Greenwood Ave, with Barlow Street as a minor connection. This contributes to the perceived disconnect of the Transit Center as it is hidden on a minor street. Barlow Street & Raoul Wallenberg Ave should be renamed as Market Street, with the Transit Center receiving a Market Street address.

State Street Gateway

The Market Street identity will be reinforced by the gateway roundabout at State Street with wayfinding pointing towards the waterfront. This momentum should be carried further north by creating new roadway connections from the Gateway Roundabout at Market Street and State Streets. This roundabout was recommended in the Trenton Station Linkage Plan (2006), see Intersection Improvements near Transit Center. New connections through the Assunpink Creek Greenway Park and the Rush Crossings Homes can help connect neighborhoods from the North to the Transit Center and downtown.


The Assunpink Creek Greenway Trail should be constructed to accommodate walking and biking along Market Street, which will improve access to the Transit Center. A multi-use path between State Street and Stockton Ave will connect Mill Hill Park to the future Assunpink Creek Greenway Park.

Market Street Corridor North – Rider Ave Extension

As the center of the Rush Crossings Homes, Rider Ave should be extended down to State Street, and up to Olden Ave. Note how there are new homes on the south side of Monmouth Street, across from Rider Ave. Continuing Rider Ave on alignment, down to Wall Street and the gateway roundabout, would connect this new development more directly with the Transit Center. Continuing northward, this roadway could serve a new residential community adjacent to the Assunpink Greenway Park. The road would travel through the western edge of the Lincoln Supply parcel, connect to Amtico Square at Perrine Ave, and cross Oak Street, forming a new residential street, parallel to Taylor Ave. Residential development should be on the north side of the street, to allow for park development in the Assunpink floodplain.

market rider

market rider
The Market Street Corridor Project is one of a several circulation projects proposed for North Trenton. The City is recommending the study of a possible Assunpink Creek Parkway that would connect the Transit Center to the north by extending new roadway connections from the Gateway Roundabout at Market Street and State Streets. In addition, the City should evaluate the feasibility of the Oak Street Corridor Project, which would provide alternate east/west route to alleviate congestion on Olden Avenue connecting Calhoun Street to the Assunpink Parkway. These projects are part of the larger Improve Network Connectivity Initiative.

north network

north network


The first phase of this study will be to conduct a joint transportation and land use study along the Market Street Corridor. This study should consider recommendations from other adjacent projects and TOD development around the station (See Trenton Transit Center Connectivity Project, Three Bridges Project). A traffic impact study should be conducted to determine the feasibility of the changes to circulation. To move forward with design and implementation, the study recommendations should be added to DVRPC’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
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