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Oak Street Corridor Project

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The City should study opportunities to add parallel roadways to alleviate congestion by providing additional circulation options (see Improve Network Connectivity Study). One of the projects identified in this master plan was the Oak Street Corridor Project.
Extensions of Oak Street could provide an alternate east/west route to alleviate congestion on Olden Avenue by connecting Calhoun Street to the Assunpink Parkway. A new bridge over Route 1, with an interchange, could help to stimulate industrial development in North Trenton. With a new interchange, this location has the potential to be a significant freight center in the region. Moreover, the new interchange could also provide access to northbound US 1, which is currently absent between Perry Street and Mulberry Avenue. Finally, the interchange could provide alternative truck access to US 1 from the waste transfer facilities in Ewing, relieving congestion on North Olden Avenue and Brunswick Avenue. This project therefore has the potential to support future economic development where density and infrastructure already exist and mitigate congestion on existing highways: supporting the states duel role of advancing economic development while addressing current infrastructure issues.
Circulation between Route 1 and the local street system puts strain on the capacity of Olden Avenue, as it is one of the few roads to cross Route 1. Investment in a significant east-west alternative at Oak Street could serve as the foundation for a new network to serve modern industrial uses. A new interchange could also serve bus-rapid-transit (BRT) operating on Route 1. BRT stations, adjacent to the interchange could help support industrial redevelopment.
The City of Trenton should work with NJDOT to develop a circulation plan to support redevelopment. Existing ramp access to and from Route 1 should be studied to determine candidates for removal. With a new interchange at Oak Street, some existing ramps may be unnecessary. For example, the northbound off-ramp onto New York Ave, and the southbound on-ramp from New York Ave would no longer be needed, and the land could be repurposed for industrial use. North of Olden Ave, a new southbound on-ramp to Route 1 could be added from New York Ave, adjacent to the southbound off-ramp with little impact. The intersection of Olden Avenue and New York Avenue is a candidate for a Roundabout.

north network

north network
Sylvester Street should be renamed as Oak Street to extend the corridor’s identity and improve the legibility of the City’s network (See Legibility Study). The connection to Paul Ave could be made more direct with a roadway realignment. Paul Ave could also be renamed as Oak Street to further continue the corridor’s identity.
The City of Trenton should study a roundabout at Paul Ave and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Route 206). This roundabout could serve as a gateway intersection in front of the Saint James Church and better join East Paul and West Paul Avenues which are on slightly different alignments.
These network improvements would create an east-west alternative to Olden Avenue between the Assunpink Greenway and Calhoun Street.
Details of Oak Street Corridor Project



Partnering Organizations:

Ewing Township

Mercer County



$30,000-$60,000 per study


Dvrpc - Transportation And Community Development Initiative (tcdi)

Njdot- Study And Development Program (sd)

City Of Trenton

Mercer County




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South District

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