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Perry Street Interchange Pedestrian Safety Study

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At the Route 1 Interchange with Perry Street, active land uses including a public park, firehouse headquarters, and an approved charter school, all generate pedestrian traffic. In addition, the trail connection to the D&R Canal, and the potential Great Connector extension along the rail corridor, will also draw pedestrians and cyclists through this interchange. The interchange permits high speed access to and from the slip ramps, and though pedestrian crossings are marked, the environment is tailored to automobile traffic. Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements are needed at this interchange.

perrystreet aerial

perrystreet aerial
The Division of Planning should conduct a detailed study of the pedestrian environment around the interchange in preparation for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan for the new charter school. The plan should be used to apply for SRTS grants to implement the recommendations. As a starting point, the City can further the recommendations from the Downtown Trenton Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (DVRPC, 2016). To improve visibility safety at the ramps, the Plan recommended that the ramps to the west of Route 1 be converted into a T-intersection, and the ramps east of Route 1 be narrowed to create shorter crossing distances. The plan further recommended bicycle lanes protected by flexible delineators along both sides of the street.

perrystreet dvrpc

perrystreet dvrpc
Implementation could also be funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). DVRPC has identified an HSIP eligible pedestrian corridor along Perry Street, from N. Warren Ave to N. Clinton Ave, (See New Jersey HSIP-Eligible Local Road Locations – 2015 [1]). Perry Street also includes an HSIP eligible Pedestrian Safety intersection at Perry Street and N. Clinton Ave.
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