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Trails Gateway Project

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The Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan identified a number of trail gateways that need improvements. The City should prioritize these improvements and include them in the Infrastructure Maintenance and Prioritization Database. The following language comes directly from that Plan.
Although downtown Trenton has a rich trail network, many of the access points are either minimally marked or have some kind of barrier to access. This makes the trail network an underutilized resource for residents and visitors. Below are a number of places where improvements to entrances could highlight these rich assets, as well as increase usage and visibility.

trail gateways

trail gateways

The Calhoun Street Bridge And New Jersey 29 Interchange

The entrance and exit ramps to NJ 29 at Calhoun Street create a barrier between the Calhoun Street Bridge, the proposed on-road network, and the East Coast Greenway, which uses Calhoun Street and Bridge to cross into Pennsylvania. Clear signage and separated on-road facilities would improve access between these routes. Improvements to the intersection of State Street and Calhoun Street, just north of NJ 29, could also improve access to the bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Lower D&R Canal Gateways

The D&R Canal Towpath crosses Calhoun Street at two points between State Street and Bellevue Avenue. The signage that does mark these entrances is minimal and in disrepair. The midblock crosswalk connecting one side of the trail to the other is not highly visible. No pedestrian-scale lighting is present. At the entrance between Summer and Bellevue, guardrails pose additional barriers and an uninviting entrance. Installing additional signage, trail maps and lighting could be initial improvements.

Trenton Battle Monument

The Trenton Battle Monument sits  between Broad Street and Warren Street in a triangle configuration.  The D&R Canal Trail runs horizontally across the park with trail entrances currently on Broad Street and Warren Street.
The current trail entrances have older signage. Closed-gate entrances also add to the poor visibility of the trail and do not encourage usage. This gateway will connect to the new on-road bicycle lane facilities on Broad and Warren streets, as well as the historic Trenton Battle Monument.
Simple improvements such as opening the gates to the trail, as well as creating a midblock crossing with curb ramps between one side of the trail to the other, would help to mark the canal trail at this location and make bicycling along the trail easier. Other signage like a trail map and environmental or historical signs could highlight the trail and help residents and visitors learn about this resource and asset.

Old Rose Street And Holland Avenue

This entrance on the northeastern end of downtown is at the intersection of the D&R Canal Towpath and the Canal Extension. The gateway is at the end
of a road in a primarily residential area and less than a block away from Rivera Middle School. There is little lighting, and trail signage at the entrance is vandalized.
Additional lighting, landscaping, signage, new curb ramps, and amenities like benches and picnic tables could make the trail more inviting in this area, as well as increase use and safety.

Mill Hill Park And Assunpink Greenway

The entrance to the park from Broad Street is not signed, and there is no indication that the greenway continues through the park. Given that much of the existing greenway is on sidewalk, route markings are particularly important.
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