FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Trenton250 Vision Map and Approach Map Available

As you already know, Trenton250 is Trenton’s long range comprehensive plan that will guide the City from now until the 250th Anniversary of its incorporation in 2042.  In October 2014, the City of Trenton Planning Board unanimously adopted The Trenton 250 Vision Element, which put forth the community driven vision “Trenton First: A Premier Economic and Cultural Center built on Arts, Industry, and Education” along with eight guiding principles.

The Trenton250 Issues and Opportunities Report, principally focused on city-wide issues and opportunities that can be addressed in the following core master plan elements: Economic Development, Education, Housing, Environment, Land Use, Circulation/Transportation, and Health, was also unanimously accepted by the Planning Board in November 2015.

We now have preliminary Vision and Approach maps derived from the combined efforts of the Trenton250 Vision Element and the Issues and Opportunities Report. The Vision Map describes the future look and feel for the various communities of Trenton. The Approach Map outlines the overall approach that will be taken to achieve the vision. Community feedback continues to be a major part in the creation of the Trenton250 Master Plan.  Throughout the month of March we will present the Vision and Approach maps throughout the City. Additionally, we have included links of the Vision Map, Approach Maps and a Google Form below as another convenient way for you to provide your feedback:

Trenton250 Vision Board SMALL - 3.02.2016

Click on the Vision Map to view it larger. Give feedback on the Draft Vision Map here.

Trenton250 Appraoch Board SMALL - 3.02.2016

Click on the Approach Map to view it larger. Give feedback on the Approach Vision Map here.


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