The City is now at the final stage of developing the City’s MASTER GUIDING DOCUMENT to realize its prosperous future.  A FULL draft of the Trenton250 Master Plan is now available for public comment through Sunday, January 22,2017.  We encourage the Capital City Region and its community to submit comments on the FULL Draft before a Final Draft is submitted to the Planning Board and City Council for its approval and acceptance. Every chapter* below is available for public comment except for those noted. Click on each chapter below to view…

Plan Introduction

Public Engagement Summary

Vision Report (Adopted October 9, 2014 – Not available for comments, here for reference only)

Issues and Opportunities Report (Accepted December 10, 2015 – Not available for comments, here for reference only)

Topic Reports – Executive Summaries

  • Circulation Report Executive Summary
  • Economic Development Report Executive Summary
  • Education and Workforce Development Report Executive Summary
  • Environmental Report Executive Summary
  • Housing Report Executive Summary
  • Land Use Report Executive Summary

Topic Reports – Full Reports

  • Circulation Report
  • Economic Development Report
  • Education and Workforce Development Report
  • Environmental Report
  • Housing Report
  • Land Use Report

District Reports

  • Downtown District
  • East District
  • North District
  • South District
  • West District

Relationship to Other Plans in the Region

Appendix A – Actions (The details for each action identified in the plan.  Alphabetical order.)

Appendix B – List of Previous Plans and Studies

Appendix C – Foundation Materials (These documents are finalized and are not available for comment, here for reference only)

  • City Profile Report – April 2014
  • Laying the Foundation for Strong Neighborhoods in Trenton, NJ – 2015
  • Trenton Natural Resource Inventory – February 2015
  • Trenton Citywide Economic Market Study – Fall 2014
  • Downtown Trenton Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – June 2016

Appendix D – Maps

  • Vision Map
  • Strategic Approach Map
  • Priority Investment Framework Map
  • Proposed Bicycle Network Map
  • Proposed Complete Streets Map
  • Proposed Road Improvements Map
  • Existing and Proposed Open Space Map

* The Health and Food Systems Report is currently being finalized and will be available soon for public comment and submission to the Planning Board as an amendment to Trenton250.

How to submit comments? All comments should indicate the REPORT and PAGE NUMBER the comment is in reference to, OR if it is a general comment – which REPORT the general comment is in reference to.

Email:    info@trenton250.org

In person/or by mail:     City Hall, Annex – 3rd Floor, Division of Planning (Department of Housing and Economic Development), 319 E. State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608

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