THANK YOU: Trenton250 Strategies for Review

UPDATE: The Trenton250 Team would like to THANK the community for the thoughtful and constructive response to our call for feedback.  We received 430 pages of comments from over 60 respondents which includes residents, organizations and government entities. We are currently combing through the feedback and will make the appropriate adjustments. THANK YOU TRENTON!

The Trenton250 Phase II Master Plan Briefs are now available for public comment through Monday August 15, 2016.  A “brief” is a shorter version of the final Topic-Focused Report (also called an Element) that will be presented to the public for adoption. The brief clearly identifies the goals associated with each topic area as well as the strategies for achieving those goals. What makes these documents “Briefs” is that they do not include a detailed explanation of every Action, but instead summarizes all actions at the end of the documents. The “Key Actions” section can be used like a glossary. The explanations for each action are placed at the end of the document because they are often mentioned in more than one strategy. The City understands that residents, business owners, elected officials, and stakeholders have a limited amount of time to review these documents. A shorter “top-level” presentation of recommendation should allow more people to read and comment on the City’s overall approach to addressing its goals. The City would like to ensure that it has support for or disagreement about strategies before writing detailed explanations of all the actions. Moreover, presenting information in this way allows residents and stakeholders to make recommendations on additions or changes before a first draft of the Topic-Focused Reports are complete. The Following Briefs are available for Public Comments through Monday August 15, 2016:

You may email your comments to Jeffrey Wilkerson, Planning Director, at or hand deliver written comments to the Division of Planning, Department of Housing and Economic Development located on the 3rd floor of City Hall. You can also send your written comments by mail to: Division of Planning City Hall, 3rd Floor Annex 319 E. State Street Trenton, NJ 08608 We appreciate all of your support for Trenton250!

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