Comment Moderation Policy

Commenting and User-Generated Links: Commenting and linking capability is provided to encourage thoughtful public discussion of the ideas posted. The City of Trenton – Department of Planning wishes to keep the conversation civil and relevant. Although subject to change without notice, the following policies apply:

The following will almost always be deleted:

  • Comments/Links that are off topic
  • Comments that should have been sent as emails to because the comment is not addressed to other readers
  • Spam Comments/Links, especially long ones that are posted on multiple sites
  • Comments that include profanity or socially objectionable content (e.g. comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc)
  • Comments that contain personal, defaming, slanderous, and/or libelous information about others
  • Any form of trolling, defined as comments that appear intended to send the discussion in a fruitless direction

In addition to the right to delete comments or links, the moderators of Trenton250 reserve the right to block individuals.

Commercial Products: Comments and links regarding commercial products will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A posting regarding a product does not entail support or endorsement by the City of Trenton or the Office of Planning, and likewise, the deletion of a comment or link should not be interpreted as a statement about the quality of the product or service. As general guidance, promoting a commercial product should be avoided.

Keep Posting Good Comments! As a whole, comments posted to-date have been encouraging and constructive. The City of Trenton appreciates your interest and motivation and hopes that you will continue to be engaged in Philadelphia’s push towards sustainability.