City Profile

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The City of Trenton has invested and dedicated itself to embark on a journey to define its future. This journey should answer three simple questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we plan to get there?

The 2014 City Profile Report, developed by the Division of Planning, begins to answer the question…Where are we now? It compiles readily available data and survey results from a wide range of sources to produce a succinct snapshot of Trenton. The report shows, with dynamic graphics and summations, the City’s trends and current conditions to provide a foundation for upcoming discussions as we all embark upon the many phases of planning the city’s future – The Trenton250 Master Plan.

The interpretations and discussions of trend data and survey results offer vital information about the current state of the City, while providing ‘food for thought’ to its challenges, old and new, that are foreseen and unforeseen. The objectives of this report are to:

  • contextualize Trenton’s “prospects and challenges” through comparison to itself, surrounding municipalities within Mercer County, the Greater Trenton region, and the state
  • provide factual and impartial data
  • establish a baseline for the community and decision makers with potential measurable indicators

Going forward, both during and after the Trenton250 master planning process, the Division of Planning will periodically produce this report to measure the City’s progress. The data and measurable indicators will require adjustments and refinement over the years to more appropriately measure the City’s strategies and policies identified in the Trenton250 Master Plan against the actual outcomes.

The Division of Planning anticipates that the variety of significant facts in this report, future reports, and eventually the adopted Trenton250 Master Plan will guide policy makers, City departments, local leaders, and concerned citizens as they do their best to make a difference in the City of Trenton.

Jeffrey Wilkerson, PP, AICP
Planning Director
Division of Planning
Department of Housing and Economic Development