The City is now at the final stage of developing the City’s MASTER GUIDING DOCUMENT to realize its prosperous future. Please review and comment by January 22, 2017.
Public Comments Thank You

THANK YOU: Trenton250 Strategies for Review

THANK YOU for the thoughtful and constructive response to our call for feedback. We received 430 pages of comments from over 60 respondents which includes residents, organizations and government entities.

Downtown Parking Surveys

Help us evaluate the parking and mobility conditions affecting quality of life within the city.
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Trenton Achieves Silver!

Trenton has met the rigorous requirements to achieve Sustainable Jersey's Silver-level certification.

Walkable Communities

As humans, we are expected not just to have legs and feet, but to use those body parts as intended: That we should (more often than not) use them to walk as the basic means of travel.

Mixed-Use Development

While mixed-uses function well individually, their social benefits increase exponentially when they’re clustered together within special districts.
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Trenton’s Issues and Opportunities Report

The City seeks to establish a community consensus on what Trenton’s issues and opportunities are. The Trenton250 Issues and Opportunities Report was designed to do just that!

New Urbanism

What Trenton has experienced throughout its embrace of New Urbanism is the movement’s penchant for purposeful innovation to serve diverse communities.

Quality of Life

The idea of “quality of life” (or “standard of living”) is so captivating to us, that we often pause and ask ourselves why ours seems threatened whenever we’re exposed to the phrase.

Trenton250 @ Art All Night

Trenton250 attends the annual Art All Night event with an interactive installment that asked the questions "What are the places, people, colors, sounds, smells and images that come to mind when you think of Trenton?"
Open House

DIY Open House at Home

Open House activities that you can do from the comfort of your home, a coffee shop, or maybe at work (hopefully your boss will join you).