Vision Element

On October 9th, 2014 the Trenton Planning Board unanimously adopted the Visioning Element of the Trenton250 Master Plan (download here). In short, the Vision Element identified the following Vision Statement and Guiding Principles that will direct the city through 2042:

Trenton First: A Premier Economic and Cultural Center Built on Arts, Industry, and Education

  1. Foster Social Opportunity and a Vibrant Economy through Education
  2. Establish a Preeminent Arts and Culture Destination
  3. Build a Safe City
  4. Advance Good Governance
  5. Promote Civic Unity and Pride
  6. Cultivate a Healthy City
  7. Reinforce High-Quality Neighborhoods and a 24/7 Downtown Trenton
  8. Capitalize on Location and Urban Form to Support a Multi-Modal Transportation Network