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Rails to Trails Projects

What is an Action?


An Action is the smallest, most concrete recommendation made in the Master Plan. An Action can be a policy, project, program, partnership, plan, study, or advocacy position. They can be City lead or sponsored by outside organizations. Actions are combined in Initiatives to achieve Goals.

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The City of Trenton should add to its trail network by constructing the Trenton to Princeton Rail Trail, and the Delaware and Bound Brook Rail Trail. These trails have the opportunity to connect Trenton to its suburbs to the north and west. The Downtown Trenton Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (DVRPC: 2016) notes that “the Delaware and Bound Brook Rail Trail and the Trenton to Princeton Rail Trail are shown on the following maps at a conceptual level only in an effort to document all proposals. Currently, each only exists as a concept and needs further development.

dvrpc downtown trail plan

dvrpc downtown trail plan
Credit: Downtown Trenton Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (DVRPC: 2016)

nj rail map

nj rail map
The City along with neighboring municipalities should conduct a feasibility study for completing these trials. The City should partner with planners at Mercer County, DVRPC, and NJDOT to study and plan for these trails. These trails are not currently part of the Region’s Circuit and do not have any current status. These projects could be pursued and studied with a grant from DVRPC’s Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI).
Another potential Rails to Trails, or Rails with Trails, project is the Great Connector Greenway, proposed to connect the D&R Canal Trail to Market Street, the Trenton Transit Center, and the Assunpink Creek Greenway Park System. (See Great Connector Greenway).
Details of Rails to Trails Projects



Supporting Departments:

Department Of Public Works

Partnering Organizations:

Ewing Township

Lawrence Township

Mercer County





$75,000 study


Transportation And Community Development Initiative (tcdi) Grant




West District

South District

East District

North District

Downtown District

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